Industry Experience...

J1S Energy's employed professionals have over fifty years combined experience in oilfield operations, thirty years combined experience in the oil and gas industry including corporate structure and finance, and more than twenty years of combined experience in maintaining oil and gas wells from day to day.

The professionals we utilize have consulted for numerous major and independent oil and gas companies, supervising all construction phases of the oil and gas industry, including but not limited to setting pumping jacks, the construction of tank batteries, laying pipelines, and all construction requirements to bring wells into production. Some hold licenses as Petroleum Landmen, Certified Commercial Lender, Well Service Operator, and Bank Operations Levels I and II.

Kirk Jones - President - Kirk Jones serves as President and manager of J1S Energy, LLC which was formed for the purpose of identifying and developing oil and gas projects in 2012. Mr. Jones spent six years working with Couch Oil and Gas Inc., on an independent consulting and advising basis. While at Couch Oil and Gas, Mr. Jones' duties primarily included new development and maintenance of venture relationships. Mr. Jones acquired the foundational experience and skill set to understand the complete anatomy of operating an oil company as an entrepreneur over the last 21 years in the Oil & Gas industry. From 2009 to 2012 Mr. Jones served as Vice President of Langley Energy Inc. a Dallas-based oil and gas company primarily focused on producing natural gas derived from coal bed methane in Gillette, Wyoming. Mr. Jones' responsibilities at Langley Energy included generating as well as acquiring new oil and gas prospects, negotiating with oil and gas vendors on behalf of the Company and the ventures it manages, and serving as the company representative with land owners, service companies, industry partners, ventures and potential ventures. Mr. Jones experience in prospect evaluation, operator due diligence, acquisitions, drilling, re-working, buying and selling wells in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma , Kentucky, Wyoming and North Dakota with both Independent and Major E&P companies.

James R Mosely - Petroleum Engineer -

Mr. Mosely graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelors Degree of Science in Mechanical Engineering specializing in energy generation from a multitude of sciences. His senior project was Alaskan Pipeline design under sponsorship of Conoco. James currently owns his own business of management marketing and research of Humates, (organic compounds found in soils used as natural fertilizers, remediation products for oil spills, and human/animal supplements), at Enviromate Inc. in Paradise Texas. At Tiara Resources Inc., in Fort Worth Texas, he was responsible for the discovery of three new oil fields as Operation and Exploration manager. From 1980-1983 Randy worked as a Technical Training Specialist managing 21 instructors that trained 14,000 employees and customers annually teaching courses in cementing and reservoir engineering. He was Associate Professor and Department Head, Engineering Technology Management of a department containing four curricula. He built electromechanical and petroleum programs from the ground zero to 250 students. He is also a co-patent holder with Halliburton Company for HAI-50 Corrosion Inhibitor, James Randy Mosley had a textbook published by Western Company, of Fort Worth, Texas in 1982; Petroleum Fundamentals. the Effects of Humates on Oil and Salt Contaminated Soils was another of his publications that was presented at the 5th Annual Petroleum Environmental Conference, in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1998. James is past President of the Snyder Texas Chapter of Society of Petroleum Engineers and is an instructor certified by: Texas Education Association, Higher Education Department Southern Association of Schools and Colleges.