Our Team

Industry Experience In Action


Razzor Energy's employed professionals have over fifty years combined experience in oilfield operations, thirty years combined experience in the oil and gas industry including corporate structure and finance, and more than twenty years of combined experience in maintaining oil and gas wells from day to day.

The professionals we utilize have consulted for numerous major and independent oil and gas companies supervising all construction phases of the oil and gas industry including but not limited to setting pumping jacks, the construction of tank batteries, laying pipelines, and all construction requirements to bring wells into production.

Kirk Jones - President - Kirk Jones serves as President and manager of Razzor Energy, LLC which was formed for the purpose of identifying, operating and developing oil and gas projects intended as low-risk potential high-yield production to provide reasonable cost with the potential for great returns for the company and its partners. Mr. Jones acquired the foundational experience and skill set to understand the complete anatomy of operating an oil company as an entrepreneur over the last 27 years in the Oil & Gas industry. Over the last several years Mr. Jones was the President and manager of J1S Energy, whose participation in successful drilling ventures and commercially productive wells in several states with primary focus on South Texas as a non-operating Joint Venture partner. From 2009 to 2012 Mr. Jones served as Vice President of Langley Energy Inc. a Dallas-based oil and gas company primarily focused on producing natural gas derived from coal bed methane in Gillette, Wyoming. Mr. Jones' responsibilities at Langley Energy included generating as well as acquiring new oil and gas prospects, negotiating with oil and gas vendors on behalf of the Company and the ventures it manages, and serving as the company representative with land owners, service companies, industry partners, ventures and potential ventures. Mr. Jones experience in prospect evaluation, operator due diligence, acquisitions, drilling, re-working, buying and selling wells in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma , Kentucky, Wyoming and North Dakota with both Independent and Major E&P companies.